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My Teaching

Student Centered Teaching

Welcome! The core of my teaching focuses on students leading the way, whether its the content I cover or the methods used, students are involved every step of the way. Here I cover my core teaching tenets, share some of my teaching resources along with some of the feedback I have received from students. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have questions about my teaching philosophy or any resources you would like to share.

Teaching Philosophy

3 Core Tenets


Relationships Matter

You have to connect with students


Process over Results

Learning how rather than memorizing what


Student Driven Information

Classes should morph with student interests

Teaching Resources

Image by Vardan Papikyan


Students teach Students

Collections of videos to facilitate in class jigsaw activities. Students watch one video before class and teach their classmates in class.

Image by Cytonn Photography


Well Rounded Scientists

Collection of resources to help lead ethical discussions about scientific topics and navigate scientific debates outside of class

Image by Vitaly Gariev


Promoting Student Ownership

Examples of semester long student projects to promote self-motivation and confidence that they can produce real work.

Classes Taught

Our Amazing Brain
(Intro to Neuroscience for Non-Majors)

Medical Mysteries of the Mind
(Intro to Neuroscience for Majors)

The Malleable brain
(300 level Elective on Neural Plasticity)

Neuroscience of Movement
(Senior Seminar on Movement Science)

Data Analytics in Life Sciences

(Senior Seminar on Data Science)

Various other workshops and guest lectures on Neuroscience, Movement, and Python Data Analysis

Career Advice for Undergraduate Students

While teaching I would often get asked for career advice for students. I am also a digital packrat (with my website only a small glimpse of my link hoarding). After answering a lot of the same questions, I decided to document my answers and publish them online as a non-comprehensive, opinionated guide.


This is still a work in progress so if you have resources or advice you think I should add, please reach out!

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