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Data Jock,
and Athletic Nerd

Hello and welcome!  My name is Alex Cates and I am currently a Data Scientist at McGraw Hill. 

Outside of work, I enjoy data science and use it to analyze and explore everyday topics including Fantasy Football and the board game Settlers of Catan. 

So please, scroll through this page and site to see what I have worked on in the past, some questions that I am currently stuck on and how to contact me.  I am always looking to connect with interesting people.

Research Experience

Hamilton College

Major: Neuroscience

Minor: Mathematics

4 years of varsity Crew

Research into Fitts Law, fNIRS, and emotional impact on visual perception

Halo Neuroscience

Senior Research Associate

Research into tDCS for athletic training.

Assisted academic and industry research partners in design of tDCS studies

Northwestern University

Neuroscience Ph.D

Human Agility Lab

PI: Dr. Keith Gordon

Gaze and Gait: How Motor Learning and Concussive Injury Change Where We Look and Our Visual Reliance

2018 - 2023

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My coaching philosophy focuses on sparking a lifelong love for the basketball while honing essential skills. With experience coaching boys and girls grades 3-6, I've seen firsthand the growth that is possible when the kids are having fun!


I champion a "Small-Sided Games" approach to coaching, emphasizing game-like experiences in a scaled-down setting. This allows each player to engage more frequently and meaningfully with the ball, develop their fundamentals, and have more fun playing the game.



I'm committed to leveraging evidence-based teaching methods to maximize my students' experiences. Emphasizing active learning techniques and student centered teaching, my teaching portfolio includes intro to senior seminars and hands-on workshops in data science and programming.

Beyond the classroom, I'm interested in the science of teaching itself. Working through CIRTL, I've led a teaching focused journal club and have researched how to analyze teaching evaluations. 

Learn more on My Teaching page


Passing it on

Image by Hans-Peter Gauster

Questions I am stuck on

Beyond my day to day, there are a few questions that I keep coming back to. Here I try to capture those, define the question and provide links to some of my musings on what the answer may look like. 

Please take a look and get in touch if you want to discuss any of the problems listed!

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