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Internet Library

What is an Internet Library?

My internet library is a collection of websites that I find interesting. They tend to be smaller and focused around a singular purpose. They harken back to a time before aggregation was the goal and represent curation.  These are mostly for my own benefit, to allow me to find these pages easily, though I hope others find some interesting finds among them.

The Deep Sea

This simple single page allows visitors to explore the depths of the ocean. Simply start scrolling and you will see what creatures inhabit those depths. Eventually you reach the sea floor... 

If you like this, check out the space elevator by the same creator.

The Mobile Phone Museum

Both in the real world and on the internet, I have a soft spot for people who fully commit to their passions. This is an example of 2 men who have now collected over 2600 different phone models. Take a trip down memory lane and see the phones of your past.

Starting Condition

Tired of always just choosing who goes first or defaulting to the youngest person or whatever? This site will randomly generate a question to determine who goes first.

The Official Apple Rankings

You don't have to be a fan of apples to appreciate the time and effort put into these rankings. While not always the most polite, I love reading the different ratings, the tag lines, and frankly the information on how to find the best apple for my purposes.

The Measure of Things

Have you ever measured something and wished that you could express this in more abstract terms? This is the site for you. I am 6'2" tall aka. about 40x as tall as a golf tee.

Halfway Words

What is halfway between crunchy and soft (Firm) or between sanguine and euphoric (blissful). This site finds the midpoint between whatever words you have, helping you find and use the correct words.

Rotating Sandwiches

I have absolutely no idea what the purpose of this site is. I don't even know what all of the sandwiches are. But there is something simply delightful about a website that promises rotating sandwiches and just delivers.


Draw an Iceberg, see how it will float.

Thats it. thats the site.

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